Mahidevran After The Death Of Sehzade Mustafa when died mahedevra sultan

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Mahidevran sultan was Sultan Suleyman's love, and 'Haseki' Sultan before Hurrem Sultan arrived at the scene and became the Sultan's favorite. Hurrem regarded Mahidevran's Sultan son, Sehzade Mustafa as a threat for her own children after Sultan Suleyman would die and allied with Rustem Pasa, giving her daughter Mihrimah Sultan to the Pasa and conspiring againt Mustafa, Suleyman came to believe his son was planning on overthrowing him and killed Sehzade Mustafa and his sons, he was buried at Bursa with his offspring. Revolts against Sultan Suleyman and Rustem Pasa began by the Janissary corps, Suleyman removed Rustem Pasha from power, an imposter acting to be Sehzade Mustafa revolted against the Sultan, however this uprising was soon crushed and the death of Mustafa made public, Mahidevran Sultan was exiled to live in various provinces, so people would not gather around her. Her last years, after the death of Sultan Suleyman, Mahidevran lived at Bursa, where her son was buried, she lost all her power and influence with Mustafa, only a few Pasa's helped her to come around, after Sultan Selim II, son of Hurrem Sultan, heared of her condition he gave her a salary, Mahidevran died in 1581, at the age of 80 in Bursa.

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