Supernatural Season 8, BRING THE COLT BACK - The five things the Colt can't kill (Theory) 5 things the colt can't kill

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Онлайн фильмы. The Colt is a powerful weapon of the fictional TV series Supernatural, in the series, this weapon was created by Samuel Colt, according to legend, this gun can kill anything.Season 1:John is kidnapped by demons, Sam and Dean rescue him, than they chasesAzazel to kill the demon, Azazel posses the John's body and Sam fires shot in his father's leg, but the demon survive and scape.Season 2:John make a pact with Azazel giving the Colt and his own soul, in exchange for Azazel save his son Dean.In the end of Season, Sam dies and Dean make a pact too to bring his brother back. Dean shots Azazel with the last original bullet of the Colt, killing the demon, finally.Season 3:Ruby helps Bobby to restore the Colt, but the gun is stolen by Bela Talbot. When she is caught, Bela says he sold the gun.Season 4:Dean travels alone in time, going to the past. Dean meets your mother and discover she was a hunter. He see a oportunity to kill Azazel in the past, saving his family of the demon curse in the future. Dean get the gun with a friend of his father, Daniel Elkins, and try to kill Azazel, but Dean fails in his mission.Season 5:Dean travels in time and finds himself in the future, his future version haves the Colt, and say that the gun can kill Lucifer.Becky reveals that Bela lied when she said she sold the Colt, but that actually gave the gun to a demon named Crowley.Crowley give the Colt to Sam and Dean kill Lucifer.Dean shoots Lucifer, this falls, but then rises and reveals that there are five things in all creation that the gun can not kill, and he is one of then.Season 6:Sam and Dean travel to the past and meet Samuel Colt, Dean use the Colt to kill a phoenix, the objective is collect ashes of a phoenix to defeat their new enemy, Eve, the mothe of all.Season 7:The Colt disapeared of Supernatural Tv series =/Season 8:The new Supernatural Season that will start in 3rd October 2012.THIS IS A REQUEST FOR JEREMY CARTER: Please, if possible, bring the Colt back in the Season 8, and reveal what really are the five things the Colt can not kill...THIS IS A REQUEST FOR YOU, SUPERNATURAL FAN: If possible, help this message reach Jeremy Carter. Hope is the last to die! =) Смотрите бесплатно онлайн фильмы!

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