HBD Gina! [No. 2] ? Oh No! MEP

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·.??.·? ?? ?.·??`·-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.­­­-.-OH MY GOD YES YES YOU HAVE TWO MEPS, CONSIDER MY LACK OF GIFTS FROM LAST YEAR PAYED. AGAIN, WATCH BEFORE READ. PLEASE.~For all of you who are not Gina~Theme: representative/favorite characters.Suscribe her now!: First of all I want to thank EVERY-SINGLE-ONE of the you who participated on this mep, because I mean... look at this! IS IT AMAZING OR WHAT? *Varrick voice*That's why the description is going to be long :D feel free to not read it. Watch the mep. Yeah that's right. Good.???? 1: Twilight Sparkle - Elli (KagomeSenpai -our Hiccup ^-^) My dear El! you and Hannah were of the first ones to hear about this idea and I am grateful you supported me and my rants all the way trough. Your part totally rocks, I fell in love with it, like everything you do and that's why I idolized you before we became friends and JUST this part is so Elli. ???? 2: Vanellope - Alex (xHeadlightsDeer) HE IS BACK BITCHES. SAIOFJASPODFJKSDPOGJK ALEX YA SABES LO QUE PIENSO DE ESTO OKAY SIMPLEMENTE ESTOY TAN ORGULLOSA DE TI, PERDON POR SER TAN BITCH PERO WOOOOOOOOOO! GIVE ME YOUR SKILLS MAN. Ya todo te lo he dicho, adoro tu parte, adoro tu estilo, adoro que vuelvas, solo TE ADORO ^^???? 3: Felix - Gaby (MisticalSeaMermaid) Amiiiiiiiiiiga ;D xD todo el rollo de la entrega de las partes y tu est?pido internet venezolano... pero lo logramos! ???? 4: Draco - Kat (MeridaMiss) My kitty Kat!!!! I was so happy when you choose Draco you know that xD I LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED your part like you have NOOOO idea! ???? 5: Merida - Emma (xMakorrax) EMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII. I don't know what to say xD I.WANT.YOUR.SKILLS. ???? 6: Bolin - Mine (Andi c:)???? 7: Tiana - Liv (DannyPhantomSG1) OH MY WAAAAAAALT. Liv you know I will be forever grateful for being able to do this when I was starting to feel that my head in the oven would've been nice... okayoverdramatic. You say you were rushed while doing this... well I want to be rushed always Dx ???? 8: Rapunzel - Allyssyah AMIGA! Tu si te metiste al 100 con este projecto!! ademas de la hermosa imagen ^^ genial!???? 9: Periwinkle and Kovu - Zewy (oOZewyOo) CROSSOVER FOR THE FREAKING WIN. My sweet! your part is perfect, I actually re-watched a lot of times because of how much I like it ^^ I am soooo happy you picked both, I actually did really want Kovu in this mep x3???? 10: Jack - Hannah (SoEurekax -our... Jack xD) SWEET HANNAH, altough you are not in youtube that much anymore because stuff, you were the first one to send me a part from any of the two meps, in record time and awesome. You are my hero, really, thank you so much my dearie :'D ???? 11: Elsa - Erin (toothlesshasteeth) YOU NOTICE THE LAST 3 ARE OUR FAVORITE ICE PEOPLEEEEEEEEE? cool B) *indeed pun intended* ERIN ERIN ERIN ERIN ERIN you have no idea how haaaaaaappy I am to have you on this mep, you.don't.know xD AND ELSA, ELSA, WALT KNEW WE NEEDED ELSA HERE. Thank you for putting me out of trouble by agreeing on this with such a short time to finish! and I kinda feel I scared you... YOU SENT IT ON TIME DON'T WORRY SERIOUSLY. THANKS.*passes hand trough forehead* well that was long :DIf you read it all... well.. wow o__o I don't know why you did that. But cool :DIf you wanna see the AWESOMETASTIC thumbnail made by my Ally (some adjustments by me) click here to enlarge it: And yes Hiccup is in the image because... I'm so sad Hiccup isn't here, he is like the only one who is not here, WE ARE SORRY HICCUP REALLY I AM SORRY, WE STILL LOVE YOU.?LINKS?Backup: Cover/fandub channel: Tumblr: ---------------------Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use